“Without this care, I would have died.” Those were the extraordinary words of Charles, lying on his bed in a village in Ngora District, Uganda.
MAI Board member, Dr John Gilbert, was visiting our Ugandan Partner – FADO-T; Charles was one of many patients he was taken to see. Charles, like hundreds of others, is being cared for by a team of Community Healthworkers under the supervision of a highly qualified palliative care nurse, Nurse Rose. She, the team, their transport and consumables are funded by MAI.
Charles had fallen from a tree; as a result, he is paralysed from the waist down. When the team were made aware of him, he was in a poor state. He had some awful pressure sores, bladder problems and he was malnourished. The team have been able to improve his condition and they continue to dress his ulcers, give bladder care and ensure that he has sufficient nutrition.
Charles is just one of over 100 clients being attended by FADO-T’s team and benefitting from MAI’s support by people like you!