MAI Board member, Dr John Gilbert, will be making a further visit to Goli during May. John is working closely with the local team heading up Goli Hospital and Yei Clinic to provide a continuing education programme to the staff of those facilities. In addition, he is working to develop a programme of enhanced community health training that can empower community leaders to facilitate improved health practices in the many small villages where basic hygiene is rarely understood.

After so many years of war, finding suitably qualified staff from within South Sudan is a real challenge. MAI is enabling our Partner (EPC) to support South Sudanese personnel through medical training so as to provide a flow of future staff members to work at Goli Hospital. The first two graduates of the nursing school in Ugnada have already returned and are working with EPC.

Thomas McNeil who with his wife Jillian was assisting Bishop Taban of EPC with the management of the Hospital and many other projects has recently returned to Scotland afer his three year commitment. However, Thomas will continue to assist EPC, making several visits to South Sudan each year. He will continue to oversee the local production of reports to MAi about the work of Goli Hospital.