Eight volunteers and MAI Executive Director, John Earwicker, have returned from a visit to Embo. After an initial orientation visit to Johannesburg’s Apartheid Museum and Soweto, the team spent 8 days helping MAI’s Partner in KZN, the Power of God Community Church.
The team had raised funds to supply equipment needed by the Caregivers including ear thermometers, blood pressure monitors and pen torches.  Helen spent time showing the Caregivers how to use the equipment which was gratefully received (see picture above). Our nursing team visited many of the patients cared for by our Partner, including a lad paralysed from the waist down following the birth of her third child.
Our team worked to do all that the Caregivers do every day: washing clients, changing their bedclothes, cleaning their room, feeding and overseeing the taking of medication. Sometimes this involved strenuous effort in appalling circumstances.
Other Volunteers taught in the local primary school where we took an assembly, helped in the crèche with children from a few months up to five and each day visited the two orphanages that the church runs – playing with the children and doing cleaning and ironing.
The great joy on the trip was to view the Clinic building which is progressing at such a great rate, running two months ahead of schedule. Several of the future Clinic staff were already in place working with the Caregivers to get to know existing patients and spreading news about the Clinic. Alex – overseeing the building work with a local team – is hoping to be finished by the end of August. Watch this space!