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Two events coming soon!

Two events are being held when Pastor Leonard Gcabashe returns to the UK to help us raise funds for the healthcare project that MAI supports in KwaZulu Natal. On Friday 13 April, enjoy an All Age Barn Dance with the Silver Bough Ceilidh Band at the Church of St Peter & St Paul, Deddington  from 6 to 10 pm and with a project update in the interval. Tickets are £10 or £30 for a family, including light refreshments.  Order from [email protected] On Saturday 7 April, join us in Kennington for a wonderful evening of song and stories of a suffering community receiving love and care. Order your tickets today from [email protected] or 07766 255221.

March 7th, 2018|Embo, Featured|

Leonard returns!

Our South African Partner, Pastor Leonard Gcabashe, will be in the UK from April 5 to 22. Confirmed events to date are: April 6: Evening Event, Purley on Thames; 19.30 April 7: Concert, Abingdon; 19.30 April 8: morning service, Birmingham April 10: Offmore Evangelical Church, Kidderminster; 19.30 April 11: private event, Appleton; 19.30 April 13: Barn Dance, Deddington; 19.30 April 15: Littleover Methodist; 10.30 April 17: Andover Baptist Ladies; 14.00 April 19: Bangor West event; 10.00 April 20: Men's event, Bangor; 10.00 April 21: Concert, Holywood; 19.30 April 22: Bangor West 3 morning services. For full details, please call 07766 255221

December 11th, 2017|Embo, Featured, Projects|

Freedom from discrimination

This man is 43 years old and he lives with his son in Itahari, Sunsari. His wife left him some time ago due to his substance abuse problem and daily arguments. At the age of 16, he faced family problems as his father brought a second wife into their home. His parents used to have arguments and fought on a daily basis. This troubled him which created mental health problems. As a result he started taking drugs, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes for peace of mind. He was being criticised and faced discrimination due to his problem. After using drugs for a long time, he joined a rehabilitation center in 2013. He got back home after four months but the

November 21st, 2017|Featured, Nepal, Nepal|

Report Back Event great success!

Our Annual Report Back evening on Friday 10th November was a great success.  HEALTH & HOPE featured video reports, interviews with volunteers and live music.  It was also the evening when it was announced that John Earwicker would be standing down as Executive Director at the end of the year.  His Assistant Director, Steve Travis, will take the reins for the coming year. The silent auction was a great success and raised over £1,400.  Ken Wood became a supporter of MAI  after his daughter Laura and wife Helen joined the volunteer teams to EMBO.  He is also the Director of Operational Risk Management for the Ardagh Group which manufactures glass and metal containers.  Many of Ardagh’s products have won outstanding

October 25th, 2017|Featured, MAI|

Two Volunteers report on their visit to Embo

Caroline writes: This man is a 41 year old male patient that the caregiving team currently supports.  He shared some of his story with us and he has a very positive outlook on life that has been enhanced through the care programme. He lives like any other patient in very minimal surroundings in a breeze block hut with a tin roof with just two very small rooms in very poor light.  The walls are dirty and depressing.  Access to his property was difficult as it was good a walk from the car and down a steep rock face which would be quite dangerous in adverse conditions. Maya has been caring for him for a number of months whilst he recovers

September 25th, 2017|Embo, Featured, Projects|

Floods affect new project location

Parts of Sunsari Distirct have been flooded.  Although not as bad as in Bangladesh, these floods will have health consequences as MAI hopes to begin its Partnership Project with United Mission to Nepal.  Already, our Partner has been working to bring relief to the affected areas, not without challenges. The project aims to improve the Quality of Life of People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) and their immediate families in the Sunsari and Rupandehi Districts of the Terai Region, Nepal.     Save Save Save

September 21st, 2017|Nepal, Projects|